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WordPress Property Real Estate Plugin

Price : $ 30.00

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VT Property is a WordPress plugin for Real estate and Properties sites. You can have unlimited attributes for the properties and create multiple agents as user.

Available Features

  • Ajax search form
  • Custom property icon
  • Different property attributes
  • Different property types
  • Visual composer ready
  • Property marker within maps
  • Custom marker uploader
  • Pop up map info
  • Multiple currency display
  • Grid, List and Masonry style supported
  • Provide full widgets
  • Shortcodes ready
  • Supports video display
  • Image gallery
  • Unlisted attributes property
  • Integrated with Contact form 7
  • Multiple Agents supported
  • Agents profile page
  • Property listing per agent
  • Agents contact via contact form 7
  • WPML supported
  • Bootstrap compatible
  • Retina ready
  • Map Spidering
  • PrintPDF
  • Social Share Links
  • Multiple Search Form

Looking for a ready for use theme instead of plugin?

DreamHome is the theme that implemented all of the plugin features and ready for use with ease.

Is this plugin Plug and Play?

This plugin will need some coding for the theme integration part.

Documentations and Supports

Check the link below for documentation and for related support questions:
  • You might find what you need at our documentations here
  • Supports are available by submitting a ticket to our support team
  • Some link that might be useful

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    • Bug fix: Template redirect improperly when user use custom page as template for single and archive
    • Added main profile shortcode for displaying agents single page
    • Improve agents custom page id detection form


    • Major code rewrite, removing old deprecated methods and function
    • Search form styling upgrade, not compatible with 1.x version
    • Teaser styling upgrade, not compatible with 1.x version
    • Merged metro style with listing
    • Implemented Field Config for all search shortcodes and widgets
    • New templates for property and agents
    • New Improved property search with maps
    • Tested with WP 5.x and Composer 5.6x


    • Bug Fix – Non Administrator user failed to create aggregated asset
    • Bug Fix – Agents attributes form field missing Bootstrap Grid CSS Class
    • Bug Fix – Core create invalid UUID when server is using certain locales
    • Bug Fix – Deprecated Functions is membership plugin
    • Improvement – CSS styling fixes for membership pages and Form fields
    • Improvement – Allow user to change price decimals digit via GUI


    • Bug Fix: Core tablemanager.js causing invalid form element name
    • Bug Fix: VisualComposer refused to print shortcode at backend if checkbox doesn’t have title


    • Bug Fix: Social Icon always visible even when it has been disabled


    • Bug Fix: Map search not filtering search result
    • Improvement : maps geocoding by caching previous results
    • Improvement : new documentations


    • Updated Core for PHP7 Compatibility, Initial Attempt.
    • Bug Fix: Ajax Search combined with infinite slider doesnt reset the old items
    • Bug Fix: Textarea input doesnt show the value at front
    • Bug Fix: Unable to hide social icon even if it has no address entered
    • Bug Fix: Split search form markup never display child element


    This updates has some refactoring, it might break customized template, please test before updating

    • Refactor WPML integration for victheme property and victheme agents
    • Bug Fix Agents modal box cannot be closed via x button
    • Refactor Entities
    • Moving WPML integration out from entities into a single class


    • Fix WPML String translation keep reverting bug on updated attributes
    • Add new WP Post Form to search post with ajax
    • Fix VisualComposer cannot add more texonomy terms filter query
    • Fix VisualComposer splitsearch shortcode redirection cannot be deactivated
    • Revamped the Metabox Owner for agents to use ajax user search
    • Improve maps javascript
    • Initial developer release for membership plugin addon
    • Tested against WP 4.7
    • Tested against VisualComposer 5.0.1


    • Added Lazyload to property images
    • Added drilling to property listing filters
    • Added Shortcode wptitle and wpcontent
    • Improve template detection
    • Added Hierarcichal Property Type
    • Added Maps Picker in agents profile
    • Added Query Operator Selector for search form
    • Change Operator for postal code search into “like” for more relaxed search
    • Added VC shortcode for displaying a single post content
    • Added VC shortcode for displaying a single post title
    • Added Options to select query operator to all search VC shortcode
    • Added Ability to do child property types
    • Added Map picker to property map fields
    • Fix Bug in search javascript that will clean all fields after ajax returned
    • Moved Field Image configuration to fields, allowing different types to have different image settings
    • Added Multiple image feature for field floorplan


    • Fixed Search parameter dont get forwarded when doing pagination
    • Improved VTCore Loop, VTCore Pagination logic
    • Added ability to disable isotope and isotope stamping to simplesearch, split search and advanced search
    • Added ability to post using GET for simplesearch, splitsearch and advanced search
    • Added ability to post using GET for agents search
    • Added Badges capability with configurable background and font color
    • Added File download field
    • Added Share Fields for facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, vk, renren, weibo
    • Added Print PDF capability

    4.x-1.3.8 (Major Update)

    • Listing Widgets now implement QueryObject Forms, old widget needs to be reconfigured
    • Implements sorting by weight for property types, need Wordpress 4.4 and above for this to work
    • Implements sorting by weight for property fields.
    • Implements sorting by weight for property attributes
    • Fixed bugs for ajax + custom query + pagination
    • Added Masonry template for loops
    • Added sorting by price, status, land size, building size, start duration, end duration. Need database update for sort by status
    • Added database updater via core updater
    • Improve template for grid, masonry and list mode
    • Agents field and attributes now is sortable by weight


    • Updating core
    • Adding archive-property.php and single-property.php to help novice user to get the plugin running easily
    • Added 2 new shortcode to help user build the archive and single page easily.
    • Bug fix field filter fired after field load
    • Bug fix headline always using global settings


    • Fix Headline broken
    • Updated victheme core
    • Updated victheme maps
    • Improve visual composer js speed
    • Include a modified version of widget shortcode plugin to include any widget as a shortcode


    • Added Textarea as Attributes form field options
    • Added Hierarchical Checkboxes as Attributes form field options
    • Added Hierarchical Radios as Attributes form field options
    • Added capability to change archive property type main permalink slug
    • Added capability to disable property archive page
    • Added capability to disable archive property slug front
    • Bug fix property types saving more than one type bug


    • Fix Aggregation assets sometimes break by updating Assets Factory to able to recover from missing aggregated file
    • Added Capability to map assets for speed improvement
    • Added Bootstrap Password Element
    • Improve the autoloader speed
    • Added Bootstrap Email Element
    • Added Bootstrap Url Element
    • Improve Library scanning folder speed
    • Improve Dotted notation static method speed
    • Improve VisualComposer Factory Speed
    • Added guard against caching plugins that is not compatible with Asset Factory
    • Improve Shortcode Registration speed
    • Improve Dot models speed
    • Added opcode detection on core panel information
    • Improve the back end and frontend detection for VisualComposer assets loading
    • Improve the backend and frontend detection for asset aggregation
    • Improve speed by dynamically loading filters, actions and shortcodes
    • Added asset maps to improve asset detection time
    • Fix bug in vagentsattributes shortcode
    • Fix bug in vagentsfields shortcode
    • Improve Taxonomy loading time by using the latest victheme property taxonomy loading logic
    • Added ability to select post using post title to vpropertyattributes shortcode
    • Added ability to select post using post title to vpropertyfields shortcode
    • Added ability to use victheme maps clustering marker to vpropertymaps shortcode and maps widget
    • Fix the property type terms selector in visual composer
    • Refactor the code in configuration page to avoid magic method fired
    • Added asset maps to improve asset detection time
    • Improve CSS for property masonry
    • Remove the ajax stop lock in property search and map search
    • Added faster method for registering taxonomy and capability
    • Fixed Youtube is broken in me.js by using native youtube iframe instead of me.js for video fields
    • Improve the shortcode registration by using the latest VTCore Shortcode registration method
    • Improve speed by dynamically loading filters, actions and shortcodes
    • Improve post type registration speed
    • Added new label for post type property
    • Fix bug in property attributes, type and fields shortcode
    • Fix bug in property simple search cannot change type label bug
    • Added overlays circle, polygon, rectangle and polyline’s shortcodes and integration to visual composer
    • Added Marker Clustering capabilities
    • Fixed bug maps is loading google js more than once.
    • Fixed but maps broken in VC 4.11


    • Updated victheme core to latest version for speed improvement and bug fix
    • Fix bug latitude and longitude is ignored when address is filled, now will use lat & long as the map coordinate source
    • CSS fix causing theme with clearfix css class to break because it is set as table via bootstrap grid


    • Fixed memory leaks in WP 4.4 while on property management page
    • Added capability to change all search field’s, attribute’s and type’s label, placeholder and main label
    • New feature for allowing user to use boostrap select, bootstrap range, bootstrap switch and toggle label javascript for property search elements
    • Fixed bug when using visual composer cannot disable fields, attributes and types
    • Fixed bug where maps is broken in visual composer 4.9.x front end editor
    • Updated VTCore to the latest version which has numerous bug fixed and improvement
    • New Feature, property split search widgets and shortcodes.
    • Added auto registration of theme assets to vtcore for property folders
    • Added auto detection for overriden property template in theme


    • Bug Fix where property content template returning empty


    • Added auto registering assets folder created in theme folder
    • Added link to live documentation for most recent docs
    • fix bug where property location mistaken as property address
    • Fix bug where WP 4.4 will show all taxonomy metabox
    • added prevention to all template to avoid missing $post->property
    • fixed bug price without currency set show blank


    • Fix Property loop causing memory leak bug.


    • Fix – WP4.4 taxonomy edit page will check for show_ui variables as it wasnt in the previous version causing property fields + attributes add entry broken.


    • Initial attempt to make compatible with visual composer 4.9.x branch
    • Fix WP 4.4 Breaks all widget form due to change in get form name method
    • Updated victheme_core and victheme_maps to latest compatible with wp 4.4
    • small css fixes


    • Fix css for agents that got broken in WP 4.4
    • Bug fix in the loop container template
    • Fix bug taxonomy filter cannot be disabled bug in wp loop widget
    • Fix bug taxonomy filter showing in recent widget
    • Fix bug property generator wont populate demo data due to empty post excerpt since 4.4
    • Updated Core to 4.x-1.7.32 – new dashboard for managing cache and asset aggregation


    Upgrading from previous version potential issues This is a major update, please do make backups and test upgrade before implementing it on live production site
    • Fields, attributes, types, shortcodes, widgets and post meta old value may got invalid and needed to be reconfigured and resaved again
    • Search form markup changed and may need to be restyled again
    • Property teaser, single page, agents profile and agents listing styling changed and may need additional css to accomodate old style
    • Icons array changed, user that build icon manually may need to change their code to accomodate new version
    • Fix Author Pager always show 1st page
    • Fix Video documentation modal shown once
    • Fix CSS assets not loaded on search shortcode
    • Fix property table missing filtering function and throwing error notice
    • Fix agents table throwing error notice
    • Fix unable to set agents photo and property thumbnail image size
    • Fix Maps infobox got overriden if metabox map content is not empty
    • Fix various css issues
    • Updated Languages
    • Updated Victheme Core to latest version which fixes numerous bugs
    • Improved Shortcode logic
    • Improved vpropertyloop shortcode vc query
    • Improved shortcode and widget to have capability to adjust field, type and attribute visibility
    • Improved backend to allow user configure search form, metabox and fields entry
    • Improved agents profile permalink, allowing to use username as the permalink replacing agents uid
    • Improved Fields registration array to allow easy translation and customization
    • Improved Maps infobox styling
    • Improved attributes and fields display, search and metabox element markup
    • Improved Icon selector to use VTCore Icon Library and will support VicTheme Icons plugin
    • Added new plugin for generating pre made attributes, fields and types. Also able to generate dummy post
    • Added new Field Duration
    • Added new type of form field element of radios and checkboxes for attributes
    • Added new styling for property teaser, property single, agents profile and agents listing
    • Added dynamic post detection in shortcode
    • Added support to use post content entry (that can be combined with shortcode) as property single, property archive, agents listing and agents profile template (experimental may not work with all themes)
    • Removed all deprecated function usage, old deprecated function can still be used for backward compatibility and will be removed in the next release.
    • Removed support for vc grid now all will use native bootstrap grid
    • Tested against Visual Composer 4.8.x branch


    • Bug fix where archive page always shown empty
  • Product Features

    Gutenberg Optimized
    High Resolution
    Compatible Browsers
    Compatible With
    WPBakery Page Builder 5.7.x
    WPBakery Page Builder 5.6.x
    WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.x
    WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.x
    Bootstrap 3.x
    Software Version
    WordPress 5.3.x
    WordPress 5.2.x
    WordPress 5.1.x
    WordPress 5.0.x
    WordPress 4.9.x
    WordPress 4.8.x

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